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[Vol. 78] Dreaming of Perfection: the Construction of the Future Library

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A framework of the Future Library in KNUE has an appearance nearing a completion after the second semester has begun. Existing library which was built in 1988 had lots of problem such as saturation in the reference room, water leak, crack of the wall surface, and limited place for study. Also, there had been some needs of having complex cultural spaces which fit the future education environment. For these reasons, a construction of the new library started since June 2015 with four mottos: Creation & Sharing, Participation, Contemplation & Art, and ESSD & Innovation.

The Future Library construction business was approved under the condition that the Ministry of Education supported 90% of the whole building costs, and KNUE covered the rest 10% costs by itself. Out of the whole costs about 24.7 billion won, funds needed to be prepared by KNUE are 2,470 million won. Additionally, KNUE received extra 4 billion won support related to this creation from the government.

Moreover, this business has received a constructional donation the outside of the library, and KNUE has conducted a 1-3-1 campaign inside the university, which means one person donates at least 10,000 won monthly for three years. These donors’ name will be inducted into the Hall of Fame at the entrance of this library in the form of nameplates.

On the other hand, there are some uncooperative opinions in this construction because of the financial problem. The library changed its membership system because of the lack of money. Members paid 50,000 won for a lifetime membership fee, but they
have to pay the same amount of money as an annual fee to collect their required funds. This fact was a serious problem since it was a contradiction with one of the Future Library’s motto, Participation. One of anonymous faculty insisted on a halt of the construction if there is no concrete solution.

Hasn’t been there any other problems in the building process? A fire broke out in a field of creation last September 10. It occurred with thick smoke at an exterior wall of the third floor, and it happened since a spark which flew during the welding process spread. Fortunately, it was suppressed soon without any damage to human life, and even the scale of the blaze was not that big. Moreover, it is told that the precautions against fire are also prepared after the accident, like supplementing a welding fabric including an edge of the wall, not to repeat that situation.

In addition, searching posts uploaded on KNUE community site, called BBS, there are lots of posts where students’ inconveniences are included because of the noise problem due to dismantlement work of reinforcing bars which stand around the building. Especially, students at the reading room in existing library complain about it.

“I was excited but worried about the completion of the Future Library, but it seems that it only lefts a few days to be a perfection. Also, I hope that books, free spaces to read, and opportunities for communication will increase by this building,” said Lee Ji-yeon who majors in Ethics Education.

Although it is expected that the third construction will be completed by December 15, and the fourth construction is also going on, partakers predict that the completion will be at the end of next year. Moreover, it takes several months using the library actually, since preparing inner equipment and setting an interior design has to be fulfilled.

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