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[Vol. 78] Letter from the Chief Editor







It became hard to find a person who has never used social media nowadays. With the development of information technology, a lot of social media have been used so widely that it seems quite hard to live without them. People usually get information about the society, express their thoughts or feelings, and communicate with others with the help of social media. It seems that it has become a big part of many people’s lives. However, there are understandably some adverse effects of it. Sean Parker, who served as the first president of Facebook, once said, “Social media are exploiting the vulnerability in human psychology.” This aspect of social media has eventually caused some mental problems to people who are obsessed with it.

This issue’s cover story focus on some specific mental disorders which have become more serious due to social media. We take a closer look at how people’s natural figures like having interests in appearances, craving attention, and feeling depressed progress into mental diseases in terms of the relations with social media. The cover story will offer you an opportunity to reflect on yourselves, especially your mental health which might get hurt from the use of social media.

There are various stories in many other sections that we’ve prepared. In this issue, we’ve tried our best to get closer to you. The most noticeable part would be the articles covering school news. We cover what are closely connected with our university lives like campus café or double major. Of course, we also include other diverse news that will satisfy your interests throughout the sections. I’m glad to show you the stories that our reporters have worked throughout the summer vacation and this semester.

At the same time, I feel a little bit worried and nervous because it is the first issue for me as a new chief editor. I know how many people are doing their best for the publication of one issue, so I feel responsible of working with all my force. There is no significant difference in design compared with the previous issue, but we have improved some of the layouts to give you better readability. It could be possible thanks to the feedbacks from our readers. We hope you, our readers, enjoy yourselves reading INDIGO, and we would welcome any thoughts or comments you have about this issue.

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