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[Vol. 77] A New Democratic Road Powered by the People







The great people of this country brought democratic changes to the country lost in the midst of nightmarish corruption scandal of the demised president. However, people cannot be contented at the change of the president and its secretariats. The changes at the top cannot singly support and sustain the aspiration of the people since all the corruptive apparatus are still firmly rooted in the sectors of society. If we zoom our microscope to the area of education, the government officials are still in the same place after causing such confusion about the Korean history textbook. The class 1 textbook becomes totally wasted leaving a dark spot of having endangered the educational neutrality from the current politics. In fact, our university was bombed with the unjust transfer of the ministry of education officer who was closely involved with the textbook. The semi-governmental research institutes are still untaped despite having closely involved with providing misguided educational policies such as singling out English as criterion-referenced test without any criteria being provided even for the this year’s scholastic ability test having weakened foreign language education seriously.

It is high time that the misguided policies be turned around to the previous position or better. The disinfection of the corruptive government apparatus cannot be achieved by the change of the president alone. It is only a start, and the people must be vigilant to change any wrong doings of the past and remember the inconveniences and displeasure we collectively experienced over the dictatorial leadership. The democracy may begin from the agora and plaza, but cannot be complete there. The society can change with our heart, but the system does not change only with our heart, but along with our cold reason. The democracy must be infiltered into all different sectors of society and education in particular. Since education today is the society future, our democratic future is only dependent upon the democratic education today.

We all hope that the new president succeeds in the leadership and lead the country and its people to a glorious era of prosperity and democracy. Since the people proved their power by bringing down the corruptive power, the powerful people must do their roles of steering the new government to the right direction. Korea National University of Education is strongly expected to contribute to the advancement of Korea’s education with the necessary expertise in the field. After all, KNUE is you, me and our friends and teachers. It means that we encourage each other to be awake and reminded of the right things to do and change. The hours and days of the avid reading of the surroundings will eventually take individual us to the democratic bright spring of the world we have fought and yearned for during the past dark winter.

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