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[Vol. 77] Meet the Creator of "Darakri Time"

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Darakri Time is the online website which helps students to make their own timetables. INDIGO was curious about the creator of this useful website so we had an interview with one of our university’s proud graduates, the creator of Darakri Time, Mr. Song Hyeok.

Q. Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

SONG: Hello, I’m Song Hyeok. I graduated from KNUE and my major was primary education, practical course. Right now, I’m working as a homeroom teacher of 4th grade in Jinmal elementary school located in Siheung.

Q. Despite your major which is primary education, we think that your computer skills are outstanding. Since when did you develop your interest in the field?

SONG: I didn’t major in computer so I’m an amateur. I just had some interest in computer since I was young so I learned from the Internet at that time, starting with the basics. I’ve practiced my computer skills since then.

Q. Why did you create Darakri Time?

SONG: As a freshman, I had to write down my timetable on a sheet of paper and every time I change something, I would have to erase it and write it over again. It was so annoying, so I asked my friends at other schools about how they dealt with this. They told me that they have an online website which helps them to make their timetables, run by students themselves. I was inspired by this, so I made our school’s timetable website and named it Darakri Time. I distributed the website to people around me and in the next semester, I advertised it on our school community.

Q. Did you have any difficulties running the website?

SONG: At first, I had to do all the work by myself but with the help of Na Dong-bin, and Kim Hyeong-joon, majoring in Computer Education and in Fine Art Education respectively, I could manage the website more easily. Sometimes when a schedule changes abruptly right before the class enrollment period, we all get busy because every work is done manually.

Q. Then how do you deal with the operation expenses?

SONG: Strictly speaking, Darakri Time is officially my own homepage so I cover all costs on my own. The expense is roughly 150,000 won a year. Until last semester, the server wasn’t stabilized so we had an update with the expenses.

Q. Is there anything you want to add or revise for further enhancement?

SONG: Well, actually there are a lot of things to revise. I wanted to encourage people to use more of the community category and vitalize it, but because of our school’s community, the BBS, I felt it was useless. Plus, I wanted to make an online bulletin board for our school clubs so they can advertise their activities. Also, I thought it was nice to create a category only for our school’s newspaper so they can publish it online. I expected Darakri Time to become – in time – a space of harmony and communication between our fellow students.

Q. Do you have anything to say to our readers?

SONG: Whenever I see freshmen, it reminds me of my four years in KNUE. I really recommend you all to spend your campus life with no regrets. Have some spare time and do what you want and challenge yourself. Study hard, take part in club activities, travel a lot, and as an educator, I strongly believe that those diverse, valuable experiences will pay off.

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