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[Vol. 77] Cheongram Festival Blossomed in May

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Under the high blue sky in May every year, there is a particular time that KNUE's green lawns are full of crowded mats. It is the Cheongram Festival! As always, this year's festival consisted of two main events—Haeoreum and Daedong.

On the first day of the festival, May 16th, there was an attraction named Haeoreum. Each department's students, mostly freshmen, prepared their own talent shows. Student MCs led several programs in Teachers' Culture Hall including these talent shows, games and some recreations.

On May 17th and 18th, which were the second and the third day of the festival, there was the event, Daedong. Each department opened for profit business everywhere on the campus starting from 9 a.m. They sold some foods, hand-made crafts and even tattoo stickers. A lot of students in KNUE supported these small business ventures and made the festival livelier.

From 7 p.m to 12 a.m., programs hosted by the Student Union and Student Welfare Association, club performances and stage performances were held alternately. The stage was installed on the lawn, and singers and DJs were invited to perform. Students expressed their own excitement; they jumped to their feet, gave themselves to the energetic beats and danced. Over the course of this event, the curfew of student dormitories was delayed until 1 a.m. so that students could enjoy the festival thoroughly.

The Director of Planning of the Student Union, Noh Hee-ji, said: "I was really glad to see many students participate in various booth programs and stage performances and enjoy the festival itself. I could feel their blazing passions and energy. I am proud of everyone, and thank you."

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