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[Vol. 77] Stressed Out? Visit KNUE Counseling Psychology Center

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Last fall, former Department of Student Counseling under the Residential Education Center (REC) changed its name to KNUE Counseling and Psychology Center and moved under the Office of Academic and Student Support.

The biggest reason for this change was to improve KNUE members’ awareness of its role. Although the center was for all university members including graduate students and staff members, people tended to consider it only for undergraduates living in the dormitory because it was under the REC. Another reason was to make the center cope well with sexual assault prevention and response. The transfer to the Office of Academic and Student Support is expected to help more people in better ways by gaining more budget, compared to how it was when it was under the REC.

There are many programs run by the center and they can be divided into five. The THC, Teacher-Healer-Counselor, program is a special program exclusively for our university counseling center. It is a program to train teachers who can play roles as a healer and counselor. The beginner course is held every semester and the intermediate and advanced level are provided as a crash course for five days during summer and winter breaks. As the level of the course advances, the number of people who can take the course becomes limited. In the intermediate and advanced course, students counsel teenagers in a group as a leader, and teachers majoring counseling psychology coach them.

As other counseling centers, you can get an individual one-on-one counseling with a professional counselor. The meeting usually takes an hour once a week and you can adjust the number of counseling sessions with your designated counselor. The center also provides group counseling every semester, where you can talk about common interest and share problems with others, usually more than 6 people, under the assistance of an expert. The subject of group counseling is specially set and changed every semester to differentiate it from the normal group counseling in the THC program. For example, there is a program for enhancing the ability to resolve conflict and also one that uses art therapy.

Besides counseling, psychological tests related to personality, personal relations, career, study, cognitive ability and adaptation for campus life are also prepared. All those tests are available online or offline and counselor’s interpretation of the test results is provided. The counseling center also serves as a sexual assault prevention and response center. It conducts preventive education for university staffs, professors and students, dealing with sexual affairs and helping sexual assault victims.

According to Ha Ae-sil, a counseling specialist at KNUE Counseling Psychology Center, the counseling center is now making every effort to provide services to more university members and the number of people visiting the counseling center is steadily increasing. Ms. Ha said that she still wants more people to come to the center when they are in need.

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