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[Vol. 77] Letter from the Chief Editor

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For the first time in the history of the Constitution, the Korean people have removed the president from office by their own means. Through candlelight protests during the winter, a peaceful regime change—the envy of the whole world—took place. But a week after March 10's decision to impeach the President, another tribulation came to KNUE: a problematic official in the Ministry of Education, in charge of creating a government-published history textbook, was appointed to be KNUE’s new director of the Office of Public Affairs.

As the remnants of the ousted regime hit the school, members of KNUE carrying a candle gathered again. A one-month protest led to the withdrawal of the appointment. All participants at the last rally welcomed the arrival of their real springtime at last, savoring their great victory. It was truly a remarkable moment in the university’s history. Check out the Focus section for a record of all the struggles of students and professors, along with alumni and civic groups.

This issue's cover story highlights the emerging lifestyles in Korean society. We look at new perspectives on marriage, childbirth and aging in the demographic changes of Korea, represented by low fertility and aging. There are also many stories in many other sections. We hope you find the content in this issue to be interesting and relevant—and we welcome any thoughts or comments you have.

Many readers have given us positive feedback on the large-scale design changes in the previous issue. In response to the many suggestions, this issue features additional design changes. The most notable change is the new font for the text. In addition, we have made various improvements to the layout for better readability. We would love to hear from you about these improvements.

After a year in this role, this will be my final issue as the chief editor. I have enjoyed my time at INDIGO, and I recognize the responsibility that I and the other team members have to you, our readers. I know that our next chief editor will treat this job with the same diligence and respect. Lastly, I am tremendously grateful for all of the feedback and support from the readership that I have received this year.

Thank you.

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