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[Vol. 76] KNUE Club Festival arrives with autumn season

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KNUE’s annual club festival called Dongdongje was held on September 26th through 28th. The festival was organized and planned by the KNUE Student Club Union; as such, many clubs participated in it. The title of this year’s event was Tong-ha-ri. Student clubs hosted their own booths, selling snacks or creating activities for students.

A big difference from last year’s club festival was the newly introduced sub-stage system. A small stage was set up on the lawn plaza in front of the Humanities Building, apart from the main stage. Small lighting brightened a tree around the sub-stage, and the height of the stage was not too high for an active communication with the audience. So, the performer and the audience could get much closer and enjoy the show together.

Blackout, Cygnus, D&D, Moderato, and other various teams showed their talent and hard work on the stage with no regrets. On the second night, a band called Bulnabang Star Sausage Club visited the stage. On the third night, a popular singer, Younha, came as a special guest and sang her best hits. The audience was filled with enthusiasm, but some criticized the audience saying that the students’ attitude toward club performances was unsatisfactory compared to Younha’s.

After the event, there was a mixed reaction from students. Lim Yeong-sang, majoring in English Education said, “I was pleased by the contents of the performance, but the booth programs were disappointing because of a relatively lesser scale compared to the last festival. I think it was because each student club had to host its own booth under a tight budget.” Some students showed their anticipation saying, “It was the first time to watch a sub-stage performance and so I was satisfied with it. I am looking forward to the festival next year.”

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