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[Vol. 76] Letter from the Chief Editor

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In the midst of high costs and tuition fees, college students across the country go to work to ease the burden on their parents. Many of KNUE students also work part-time to earn allowance or tuition money. However, in some of the workplaces around the school, the pay is not even minimum wage, making the students’ situations more difficult.

The hourly minimum wage for 2017 will be 6,470 won, up 7.3 percent from this year; but young people on the job say that the number is almost “meaningless.” As such, the minimum wage system, which legally enforces the payment of a certain wage standard to workers, is faced with a lot of problems.

In this issue’s cover story, we discuss the minimum wage system close to home. First, hear the debate between the labor and management sectors, which is repeated annually when an increase in minimum wage is brought up. Second, we’ll look at the limitations of the application of the minimum wage, and all of the twists and turns involved. Finally, we examine the complementary and alternative measures to overcome the inherent limitations of the current minimum wage system. Take a moment to think about the current minimum wage system through three articles that have tried to cover all aspects of the system.

That’s not all. We’ve also prepared a variety of other stories. New in this issue, compared to the previous issue, is an increase in the number of articles covering school news. As journalists on campus, our reporters will be close to you. But you don’t need to worry: it doesn’t mean we are going to miss out on news from outside the school. We’ve also worked hard to cover diverse cultural news, highlight social happenings, and engage in stories of depth, including interviews with broad spectrum of people. I’m very excited to share with you the stories that our reporters have worked so hard to prepare.

You’ll also notice many changes in the design. To provide better readability, we’ve taken our layout and design to a whole new level. It’s the biggest update since our publication was launched in 1996, first as a newspaper and then in 2000 turned into magazine. There are still many ways to improve, but the experiment will continue. With that passion, we decorated the cover of this issue in red. On a cold winter day, we hope this red INDIGO—with our best enthusiasm—will fire up your heart.


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