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[학내] 2019학년도 대학회계 제2차 추가경정 예산내역 공고
한국교원대신문  2019-07-10
[교육방송국] [KNUE TV] 제5회 영상 (6월 8일): 스승의 날 행사 파행, 대동제
안녕하세요 한국교원대학교 교육방송국 KNUE TV입니다! 이번 3회 방송에서는 스승의 날 행사 파행, 그리고 우리학교 대동제에 대해 취재했습니다. 이 영상은 이번 학기 마지막 방송입니다! 다음 학기에도 많은 시청 부탁드리고 방학 즐겁고 건강하게 보내세...
KNUE TV  2019-06-08
[Opinion] [Vol. 81 Editorial] Gossip or Conversation?
Do you know the difference between gossip and conversation? Let's do a self-test and find out. Which of the following is a gossip? Dialo...
Prof. Yin  2019-06-05
[Opinion] [Vol.81]My Special Winter Vacation: Spending Winter Semester at Hanyang University
Back in October, thinking about how to spend my winter vacation in a special way, I had a vague idea that I wanted to take a class at differ...
한지은 기자  2019-06-05
[Culture] [Vol.81]MMCA-Cheongju: Turning Point of Cultural Infrastructure
# Introduction of Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art -Cheongju The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA )-Cheongju, which opened o...
조소연 기자  2019-06-05
[Culture] [Vol.81]Who Decides ‘Color of the Year’
Passing down the street, you might have seen a lot of coral colors this year. Moreover, you might have watched commercial videos of a cosmet...
이유정 기자  2019-06-05
[Culture] [Vol.81]Warabal Generation Pursuing SoHwakHaeng
"Despite the low salary, I like this company better, because I can have more leisure time,” said Park Doo-hwan, who transferred from a big c...
한지은 기자  2019-06-05
[Society] [Vol.81]Is TNR Really for Cats?
How do you usually react to stray cats? Do you want to give them food, or do you try to avoid them? The former regards animals as one of the...
윤제민 기자  2019-06-05
[Society] [Vol.81]Site Blocking with SNI Snooping : Is it a ‘Big Brother’ Policy?
On February 12, 2019, the Korea Communications Commissions (KCC) strengthened the access ban to block some sites which provide illegal infor...
문효연 기자  2019-06-05
[Society] New Breeze to the Transportation Service
In March this year, the government concluded an agreement between the taxi industry and carpool industry seeking communication through the ‘...
조흥연 기자  2019-06-05
[Special] [Vol.81]Attractive Tap: Carbohydrate Addiction and Fake Hunger
Don’t you go to the Hwangsae mart habitually, look around the snack corner, and pick some chocolate as soon as you finished lunch? Or, have ...
윤제민 기자  2019-06-05
[Special] [Vol.81]War on Fine Dust
“I’m afraid of going out because of fine dust.” On the day after seven consecutive emergency fine dust reduction measures were issued, a KNU...
이은지 기자  2019-06-05
[Cover Story] [Vol.81]The Unaccepted Apology
After the two days of the 100th anniversary of Samiljeol, Kwak Ye-bun, another victim of Japanese military sexual slavery passed away. She p...
이유정 기자  2019-06-05
[문화] [430호/영화도서관] 어둠은 언제나 그곳에 있었네, <김군>
을 세 번 봤다. 지난 해 서울독립영화제에서 처음 본 이후 개봉 하고나서 두 번 볼 수 있었다. 영화제에서 봤을 때 제일 기억에 남았던 장면은 최영철, 최진수, 이강갑 세 인물이 극장에 앉아 김군의 사진을 보던 장면이었다. 의 개봉 이후 편집 본은 거...
현정우 기자  2019-06-04
[Cover Story] [Vol.81]Are You Living Life Your Ancestors Would Not be ashamed of?
This year, 2019 marks the 100th anniversary of the 3.1 Independence Movement and Korea Provisional Government. To celebrate the 100th annive...
전은진 기자  2019-06-04
[Cover Story] [Vol.81]Things That Should Not Be Forgotten
Celebration and sadness coexist this year. It is the story about the 100th anniversary of 3.1 Independence Movement and the victims of Japan...
이유정, 전은진 기자  2019-06-04
[Education] [Vol.81]Reexamining Sexual Education in School
A high school student said, "At this age, students know and do everything more than adults thought students might do, but during sex educati...
조흥연 기자  2019-06-04
[Education] [Vol.81]Law for Part-time Lecturers: Does It Really Protect Them?
“Lesson, I want to take it, I want to do it." It is a slogan used in the protest over the mass layoffs of part-time instructors and the redu...
문효연 기자  2019-06-04
[Education] [Vol.81]Did Your Music Education Give You Richer Life?
Adding some spices on a dish will make it taste richer. Just like this, life will be much richer with small joys, and music could be one suc...
김보임 기자  2019-06-04
[Focus] [Vol. 81]Still a Long Way to Complete ‘Library of the Future’
They are the titles of the postings that have been uploaded on Cheongram Square’s ‘Waiting for the Morning Sun’ since the opening of future ...
문효연 기자  2019-06-04
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