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[Special] [Vol. 80] Do We Need More Drugs in Convenience Stores?
Have you ever been in trouble buying medicine because the pharmacy is closed or too far? Lee set-byul, a student at the Korean National Univ...
한지은 기자  2019-02-23
[Special] [Vol. 80] Controversy over History Distortions
You might have heard of ‘distortion of history’ several times. History distortion is the misinterpretation of actual historical facts. Recen...
문효연 기자  2019-02-15
[Special] [Vol. 79] Specification of Controversial Harmful Chemicals
There are a lot of reports nowadays about dangerous materials detected in various things around us as people are scared and wary of chemical...
조소연 기자  2018-06-11
[Special] [Vol. 78] Application Opening a Whole New World for the Disabled
Due to the recent emergence of the so-called “smart era,” disabled people can do a lot of things without a helper. Many high-tech devices ar...
이지원 기자  2017-11-29
[Special] [Vol. 78] The New World of Architecture
Are you tired of Square Concrete buildings all over? Here are buildings to solve your thirsts for new ones – the container box shoppin...
엄해인 기자  2017-11-29
[Special] [Vol. 77] Meet the Creator of "Darakri Time"
Darakri Time is the online website which helps students to make their own timetables. INDIGO was curious about the creator of this useful we...
김진산 기자  2017-05-31
[Special] [Vol. 77] La La Land on the Sky: Must-See Sky Events in 2017
When you feel lonely walking down the street alone at night, gaze into the sky. Some stars are glittering, smiling down on you. Some are com...
엄해인 기자  2017-05-31
[Special] [Vol. 76] Meet the only female ROTC cadet in KNUE
Have you ever seen a woman in military service uniform on campus? For the year 2016, there is only one female ROTC cadet in KNUE. The so-cal...
박선주 기자  2016-11-30
[Special] [Vol. 76] Gateway to the world for the blind, Braille translator
Have you ever heard of Hun-maeng-jeong-eum? As soon as you read that word, most of you would be confused with the famous book, Hun-min-jeong...
황동욱 기자  2016-11-30
[Special] [Vol. 75] What is a Virus?
You must have seen the heartbreaking picture of a small-headed baby crying. This poor baby is ill with the Zika virus. Zika virus is univers...
최은지 기자  2016-06-22
[Special] [Vol. 75] Farewell to Acne
Although acne is known as an un-invited guest to many juveniles, there are many people who are still suffering from acne after such a period...
서한주 기자  2016-06-22
[Special] [Vol. 74] Heal yourself with stacks of books
Can you remember the latest memory reading books apart from your major? If you find yourself reading books in the “Recommended Booklists for...
김지수 기자  2015-12-10
[Special] [Vol. 74] Welcome to Jeongwa Hanok Village
Welcome to Jeongwa Hanok Village Have you ever been to Hanok village? If you have, where did you go? Maybe it was Jeon-ju or Seoul Bukchon a...
박주은 기자  2015-12-10
[Special] [Vol. 74] Special volunteer groups
New semester begins. Some are busy with many credits and other work but some of you may look for any work to do which fill both your empty t...
박주은 기자  2015-10-23
[Special] [Vol. 73] Ahh Open Your Mouth, Please
Mohammed Emwazi: The world knows him better as “Jihadi John,” the man who has been featured in a series of brutal ISIS execution videos. Lit...
정규나 기자  2015-05-08
[Special] [Vol. 73] Should We Take a Break When Studying?
I study in long marathon-sessions. Putting myself in an imaginary prison, I would spend straight ten hours a day. While studying, I faced so...
김민전 기자  2015-05-08
[Special] [Vol. 72] Bright, Bright star
Bright star, would I were stedfast as thou art–Not in lone splendour hung aloft the nightAnd watching, with eternal lids apart,Like na...
정규나 기자  2014-11-27
[Special] [Vol. 71] PTSD
“We are sophomore students in Danwon High School. At the same time, we are the survivors of ‘Sewol ferry accident’. Although some people thi...
정규나 기자  2014-10-24
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