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[Letter from the Chief Editor] [Vol.81]Letter from the Chief Editor
Despite the hectic days, ‘Thank you’ and ‘Sorry’ are the things that we should not forget to say. There are people who deserve to hear those...
김보임 기자  2019-06-04
[Letter from the Chief Editor] [Vol. 80] Letter from the Chief editor
These days, the cold air permeates sharply to our nose telling us that winter is coming. Finding students in a long jumper is getting easier...
편집장  2019-02-12
[Letter from the Chief Editor] [Vol. 79] Letter from the Chief Editor
You might have heard the term ‘salad bowl’ as a metaphor for the USA to express that the country is a mixture of diverse cultures and races,...
김주현 기자  2018-06-11
[Letter from the Chief Editor] [Vol. 78] Letter from the Chief Editor
It became hard to find a person who has never used social media nowadays. With the development of information technology, a lot of social me...
편집장  2017-11-29
[Letter from the Chief Editor] [Vol. 77] Letter from the Chief Editor
For the first time in the history of the Constitution, the Korean people have removed the president from office by their own means. Through ...
편집장  2017-05-31
[Letter from the Chief Editor] [Vol. 76] Letter from the Chief Editor
In the midst of high costs and tuition fees, college students across the country go to work to ease the burden on their parents. Many of KNU...
편집장  2016-11-30
[Letter from the Chief Editor] [Vol. 75] Letter from the Chief Editor
With the ongoing media coverage of horrible crimes, it is terrifying to unfold a newspaper as they say. A case of a murder, stabbing rampage...
편집장  2016-06-22
[Letter from the Chief Editor] [Vol. 74] Letter from the Chief Editor
Violet – INDIGO’s new main color is violet. Other than writing the articles, we, INDIGO, discuss how to make INDIGO better and more at...
편집장  2015-12-09
[Letter from the Chief Editor] [Vol. 74] Letter from the Chief Editor
Summer has passed and autumn is here. Autumn, the season of “high sky and fat horses,” is at its midpoint. As leaves change their color, so ...
편집장  2015-10-22
[Letter from the Chief Editor] [Vol. 73] Letter from the Chief Editor
Leonardo da Vinci, the ingenious inventor and one of the great minds of the Renaissance once said, ”Nothing strengthens authority as much as...
편집장  2015-09-11
[Letter from the Chief Editor] [Vol. 73] Letter from the Chief Editor
You are probably wondering why INDIGO is not in paper format , but in a newly designed webpage you’ve yet to see. I am proud to announce tha...
편집장  2015-05-08
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