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[Opinion] [Vol. 80] Slow is the New Fast
These days we are living in a world in which a simple touch of the screen can bring instant results: same-day delivery of a product, latest ...
Prof. Yin  2019-02-28
[Opinion] [Vol. 80] Things That Are Unseen
Studere is a Latin verb for studying, and it’s interpreted as a noun ’student’ in English. The literal meaning is applying oneself to someth...
Masha Tumennasan  2019-02-28
[Opinion] [Vol. 80] First Experience as a General Manager of Educational Activity in Cheongyang Hign School
“Even if you don’t have a dream rightnow, I hope this camp will be a chance tolearn a lot about yourself, such as what youlike and what you ...
조소연 기자  2019-02-28
[Opinion] [Vol. 79] #just_a_moment #defines #my #entire #image
Do you often take a picture of the food you just ordered (even though you are extremely hungry) just because it is trendy and fashionable en...
한국교원대신문  2018-06-11
[Opinion] [Vol. 79] Had Weeks in Chadwick
Opening the door, 21 shining eyes were staring at me. I was a student teacher in 2B class for four weeks! I had the thrill of taking on some...
엄해인 기자  2018-06-11
[Opinion] [Vol. 78] YOLO: A New Pursuit of Happiness?
YOLO! This motto has become the battle cry among people living in the modern world they perceive as a war zone in which they are bombarded w...
한국교원대신문  2017-11-29
[Opinion] [Vol. 77] A New Democratic Road Powered by the People
The great people of this country brought democratic changes to the country lost in the midst of nightmarish corruption scandal of the demise...
한국교원대신문  2017-05-31
[Opinion] [Vol. 77] On Becoming a Teacher
As my first teaching practicum approached, I was filled with, not only anxiety but also a tingle of excitement. It was the first time to see...
이지원 기자  2017-05-31
[Opinion] [Vol. 76] Smart Phones: Friend or Foe?
Nowadays, it seems virtually impossible to spend even a minute without the super-genius, ultra-convenient gadgets we call “smart” phones. Th...
한국교원대신문  2016-11-30
[Opinion] [Vol. 76] Teaching profession, is it your vocation?
I am an ordinary student who returned to KNUE this semester after finishing my military service. Until I came back to the KNUE, I had lived ...
황동욱 기자  2016-11-30
[Opinion] [Vol. 75] Future Directions of KNUE Education
When you turn on the internet or TV for the news, you will hear quiet often as to how the Ministry of Education (MOE) pressures the universi...
한국교원대신문  2016-06-22
[Opinion] [Vol. 75] I am talking to people, not to iPhone 4
One of the things that cannot be detachable with people’s hands in this century is, I would say with no hesitation at all, a cell phone. The...
이대명 기자  2016-06-22
[Opinion] [Vol. 74] ’Tis the Season to Make an Achievable Resolution
Think back to what you were thinking about during New Year’s Eve in 2014..... You’ve vowed never to repeat the same mistake, you’ve promised...
한국교원대신문  2015-12-10
[Opinion] [Vol. 74] My Priceless Phobia
A phobia is a type of anxiety disorder, usually defined as a persistent and unreasonable fear of certain object or situation. The long list ...
김지수 기자  2015-12-10
[Opinion] [Vol. 74] Homo Violence
It's barely understandable that human beings, who are loyal devotees of 'reasonable thinking' once forcibly drove slaves into an...
황경림 기자  2015-10-23
[Opinion] [Vol. 73] The Death of Criticism
Levy asked Barthes, "Sir, who are critics?" Barthes replied, "They are trash… They are very dangerous trash. They survive nibbling le...
황경림 기자  2015-09-11
[Opinion] [Vol. 73] Feedback NOT Criticism
An ideal member in a society is expected to provide feedback in order to allow their thoughts to play a constructive role in shaping the soc...
한국교원대신문  2015-09-11
[Opinion] [Vol. 73] Nations for Nations, Nationalism What They Really Mean
Attack on U.S ambassador to South Korea in Seoul marked shocking news of the week at the beginning of the semester. Thorough investigation h...
김준환 기자  2015-05-08
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