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[Society] [Vol. 78] Thousands of Eyes Staring at Me: Sexual Crimes Occurred by Spy Camera
What comes to mind first when you hear the word Hidden Camera? The term was usually used when surprising someone with a special event involv...
김유진 기자  2017-11-29
[Society] [Vol. 78] Necessary Not to Treat Pets as an Accessory
The widely loved and celebrated writer, Charles Dickens once said, “What greater gift than the love of a cat?” Besides cats, many adorable p...
김보임 기자  2017-11-29
[Society] [Vol. 77] What Is Your Real Age?: Controversy over Korean Age Systems
When meeting someone for the first time, Koreans usually act depending on how old the other person is: the older the person, the more polite...
황동욱 기자  2017-05-31
[Society] [Vol. 77] #Hanbok_fever
Only a few years ago, Hanbok, our traditional clothes, was the garment that was worn by people only during the national holidays. However, t...
김유진 기자  2017-05-31
[Society] [Vol. 76] Honnol: Keep calm and hang out by yourself!
This is a quote from a beloved drama, Drinking Solo. “It is a refreshing time only for myself. There is no need to unnecessarily put energy ...
박선주 기자  2016-11-30
[Society] [Vol. 76] Earthquake from Gyeongju and “safety frigidity”
On the 12th of September, earthquakes of magnitudes 5.1 and 5.8 occurred in succession at 7:44 and at 8:32 p.m. in Gyeongju. The 5.8 magnitu...
이지원 기자  2016-11-30
[Society] [Vol. 75] Product Placement: A Poisonous Penny for Liberty?
After the hero finishes his graceful revenge and decides to commit suicide, he takes out a green carton of orange juice which has its name “...
김지수 기자  2016-06-22
[Society] [Vol. 75] BIFF, Be Independent For Freedom!
This year we may not be able to expect October in Busan to be colored with an air of festivity. Busan International Film Festival (BIFF), wh...
황경림 기자  2016-06-22
[Society] [Vol. 74] Enlightened Generation
Mr. Lim, a 23 year old, who has taken time off from university for 2 years, earns 1.2 million won in a month as a contract worker in a depar...
이대명 기자  2015-12-10
[Society] [Vol. 74] Korean Black Friday was just gray
Have you heard about "Black Friday?" "Black Friday" originated from shopping in America the day after Thanksgiving Day. Then, do you know wh...
박주은 기자  2015-12-10
[Society] [Vol. 74] Ripley Syndrome
Recently, some incidents happened related to Ripley Syndrome. Ripley Syndrome, simply speaking, is a disease to believe virtual or imaginary...
박주은 기자  2015-10-23
[Society] [Vol. 74] Change of thinking might change society
Forty people and 3 days were what were needed to clean up streets after the festival of Infinite Challenge, which is one of the most popular...
이대명 기자  2015-10-23
[Society] [Vol. 74] They are not only profit-making business
Around one month ago the movie Veteran hit movie theaters in Korea. In the movie, there is one scene we have to take a closer look at. The s...
이대명 기자  2015-10-23
[Society] [Vol. 73] Out of the classroom, into the fight
“I can’t fall asleep because I am going back to the past in a dream. In there, the face of the people who were killed occurred to me and LRA...
이대명 기자  2015-09-11
[Society] [Vol. 73] Forgotten Wars
War definitely is the worst form of conflict between groups with armed forces. Especially to the Korean people, war has a peculiar meaning. ...
김준환 기자  2015-05-08
[Society] [Vol.73] Strange Stories in Campus
“Do you want to kiss me?” “Are you sleeping now?” “Why don’t you be my girlfriend?...” - “If you receive any messages with those sentences, ...
전종희 기자  2015-05-08
[Society] [Vol. 71] 50 days in Gaza, to be a true winner in the WAR
"I can't stop crying. I might die tonight." A girl named Farah Baker cried out on Twitter and had created a great sensation all over the...
전종희 기자  2014-10-24
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