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[Culture] [Vol. 79] "New Woman" Trend Represented in Korean Modern Artworks [새창] 이지원 기자 2018-06-11
[Briefing] [Vol. 79] Test Operation of 24 Hours Open System at the Dormitory [새창] 이지원 기자 2018-06-11
[Special] [Vol. 78] Application Opening a Whole New World for the Disabled [새창] 이지원 기자 2017-11-29
[Education] [Vol. 78] If Your Homeroom Teacher Were the One in Your Whole School Life [새창] 이지원 기자 2017-11-29
[Focus] [Vol. 78] Lives of Double Majoring Students [새창] 이지원 기자 2017-11-29
[Opinion] [Vol. 77] On Becoming a Teacher [새창] 이지원 기자 2017-05-31
[Cover Story] [Vol. 77] No Groom, No Gloom: Women Saying “No” to Marriage [새창] 이지원 기자 2017-05-31
[Society] [Vol. 76] Earthquake from Gyeongju and “safety frigidity” [새창] 이지원 기자 2016-11-30
[Briefing] [Vol. 76] Enforcing exchange and cooperation with other institutions [새창] 이지원 기자 2016-11-30
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