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[Cover Story] [Vol. 77] Already OECD Lowest in Birthrate, What Can Government Do?
The average birthrate in Korea is the lowest among all OECD countries, as it is estimated to be 1.23 in 2015. To solve the problem of the lo...
김유진 기자  2017-05-31
[Cover Story] [Vol. 77] No Groom, No Gloom: Women Saying “No” to Marriage
Is marriage necessary?In our society, there are people who promise to be with their partner forever while a few others who want to live alon...
이지원 기자  2017-05-31
[Cover Story] [Vol. 77] Rethinking Life Course
It is well understood that the life of a human being starts from birth and ends with death, and, during their lifetime, most people will enc...
김진산 기자  2017-05-31
[Education] [Vol. 77] Coding Education: Are Schools Really Ready for It?
According to the policy, A Plan of Training Human Resources for Software-Oriented Society, announced by the Ministry of Education and the Mi...
황동욱 기자  2017-05-31
[Education] [Vol. 77] Teachers’ Political Neutrality: Fair to Restrict Their Political Rights?
If you are a teacher or government official, do not even think about pressing the "like" button on any political things you see on Facebook ...
박선주 기자  2017-05-31
[Education] [Vol. 77] Hanja in Elementary Textbooks Is Still Controversial
The Ministry of Education’s decision to use both Hangeul and Hanja(Chinese character) for elementary school textbooks has been very controve...
김보임 기자  2017-05-31
[Focus] [Vol. 77] Smoking on Campus: No Designated Smoking Areas in KNUE?
Recently, the government has introduced various anti-smoking policies, such as raising the retail price of cigarettes and introducing warnin...
김도훈 기자  2017-05-31
[Focus] [Vol. 77] How Are You Doing, KNUE International Students?
There are 64 international students at KNUE, made up of 62 Chinese students and two Japanese students. You have probably met some of the int...
박선주 기자  2017-05-31
[Focus] [Vol. 77] The Saekdong Festival: How We Celebrate Children's Day
While most enjoy their sweet holiday, for undergraduates who major in primary education, May 5th is the busiest day of the year. This is bec...
엄해인 기자  2017-05-31
[Focus] [Vol. 77] Do Not PARK Here: Why and How He Got Rejected from KNUE
On March 17, the Korean Ministry of Education announced its new personnel appointment, and as a result, Mr. Park Sung-min was appointed as D...
김주현 기자  2017-05-31
[Briefing] [Vol. 77] Cheongram Festival Blossomed in May
Under the high blue sky in May every year, there is a particular time that KNUE's green lawns are full of crowded mats. It is the Cheong...
엄해인 기자  2017-05-31
[Briefing] [Vol. 77] Commemorative Event Held to Celebrate Teacher's Day
KNUE celebrated Teacher’s Day on May 12th at the Teachers’ Cultural Center. Although the original Teacher‘s Day is May 15th, the event was h...
김보임 기자  2017-05-31
[Briefing] [Vol. 77] Stressed Out? Visit KNUE Counseling Psychology Center
Last fall, former Department of Student Counseling under the Residential Education Center (REC) changed its name to KNUE Counseling and Psyc...
이소영 기자  2017-05-31
[Briefing] [Vol. 77] KNUE Receives 2.8 Billion Won for ACE+ and PoINT Project
The Korean Ministry of Education awarded KNUE the title of Advanced College of Education+ (ACE+). It will receive approximately two billion ...
이소영 기자  2017-05-31
[Briefing] [Vol. 77] Agreement Made to Protect Released Storks from Electrocution
On March 31st, for the purpose of protecting the released storks, an agreement was made by KNUE, Yesan County and Korea Electric Power Corpo...
황동욱 기자  2017-05-31
[Letter from the Chief Editor] [Vol. 77] Letter from the Chief Editor
For the first time in the history of the Constitution, the Korean people have removed the president from office by their own means. Through ...
편집장  2017-05-31
[독자의시선] [404호/4컷만화] 신사동 사거리
노원희(초등교육·15)  2017-05-29
[기자칼럼] [404호] 군림하려는 정치인
지난 23일, 바른정당 김무성 대표가 공항에서 나오면서 캐리어를 수행원에게 주는 모습이 화제가 됐다. 그 모습을 보고 네티즌들은 마치 프로축구·농구에서나 나올 노 룩 패스(No-Look Pass)라 불리며 논란의 중심이 됐다. 우리나라에서만 이슈가 된...
황인수 기자  2017-05-29
[사설] [404호] 공공의 이익은 모두의 책임이어야 한다
“모두의 책임은 누구의 책임도 아니다.”라는 말이 있다. 이 말은 어떤 일을 추진하면서 구성원 각자의 책임 소재를 명확히 하지 않아 누구도 선뜻 나서지 않는 경향을 말할 때 사용된다. 어떤 일을 추진하면서 소기의 성과를 거두기 위해서는 각 구성원의 권...
한국교원대신문  2017-05-29
[독자의시선] [404호] 총장님, 갈라파고스 제도를 아시나요?
총장님, 갈라파고스 제도를 아시나요? 갈라파고스 제도는 남아메리카 동태평양에 있는 에콰도르령 섬들입니다. 발견 당시 무인도로서 큰 거북이 많이 살았습니다. 거북을 에스파냐어로 갈라파고스라고 하는데, 이 제도의 명칭은 여기서 비롯되었습니다. 1835년 ...
김현종(일반사회교육전공·16)  2017-05-29
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