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[Cover Story] [Vol. 74] Diversity in Academics
Today, thanks to democratic governments and prevailed liberalism all over the world, almost everything on earth can be a subject of study an...
박진수 기자  2015-12-10
[Cover Story] [Vol. 74] Diversity in Arts
As appeared in the previous article, the issue of diversity is not just a simple problem which can be explained with a single principle. Esp...
황경림 기자  2015-12-10
[Cover Story] [Vol. 74] Diversity on Today
There is quite an interesting story about a Korean woman who made a big hit of bibimbap in the States. It turns out she succeeded is because...
이대명 기자  2015-12-10
[Cover Story] [Vol. 74] Aliens in Korea
Only about 30 years ago, aliens in Korea were barely different from extraterrestrial beings. They had to put up with eyes from people and so...
황경림 기자  2015-10-23
[Cover Story] [Vol. 74] Abnormal Summit by INDIGO
* Blue written words are actually spoken by their leadersINDIGO: This theme is from the recent surge of refugees and migrants. So far 530,00...
박진수 기자  2015-10-23
[Cover Story] [Vol. 74] Aliens in Europe
A death of a 3-year-old Syrian boy on his wayBrief history of migrants in Europeto refuge made the whole world cry and persuaded several cou...
박진수 기자  2015-10-23
[Cover Story] [Vol. 73] Sometimes being legit is not enough
In a democratic society there is nothing more important than a healthy expression of one's ideas and right for it to function properly. ...
김준환 기자  2015-09-11
[Cover Story] [Vol. 73] How will you look at the protest?
When you hear about protests out there, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Do you not regard it as just social turmoil, and pu...
김민전 기자  2015-09-11
[Cover Story] [Vol. 73] Demonstrate that your thoughts are justifiable in Demonstrations
At 7 P.M. Thursday, April 16th, 2015 in Seoul Plaza, about fifty thousand people gathered to look back upon the memory of Sewol ferry accide...
전종희 기자  2015-09-11
[Cover Story] [Vol. 73] Let’s Play with ‘Software’!
Have you heard about the ‘Let’s play with Software!’ program? Have you seen this banner on the Naver website? Maybe, most of you haven’t see...
박주은 기자  2015-05-08
[Cover Story] [Vol. 73] Smart Education in Sejong City – Smart Actions for Smart Future in Korea
Recently, politicians from Germany and China visited Sejong city to see how smart education is used in the classrooms and to learn how to or...
전종희 기자  2015-05-08
[Cover Story] [Vol. 73] Smart "SMART Education"
See those pre-service teachers whining? “I’ve never heard of ALZIP before turning 21, and I’m earning credits only for 청람일반 which are in ref...
김지수 기자  2015-05-08
[Cover Story] [Vol. 72] Who can we believe?
publication: 2014. 11. 27. On April 16th, a tragedy that made the whole nation mournful happened. A ferry named Sewol sank in waters off Jin...
김지수 기자  2014-11-27
[Cover Story] [Vol. 72] The wind of changes in safety education
publication: 2014. 11. 27. “The fire alarm is ringing, but nothing happens. Every person in their classroom including teachers, and all rega...
전종희 기자  2014-11-27
[Cover Story] [Vol. 71] Past
Cover story - looking back at the course KNUE has followed for 30 years For the past 3o years, there were a lot of incidents in this KNUE. W...
전종희 기자  2014-10-24
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