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[Society] [Vol. 74] Change of thinking might change society
Forty people and 3 days were what were needed to clean up streets after the festival of Infinite Challenge, which is one of the most popular...
이대명 기자  2015-10-23
[Society] [Vol. 74] They are not only profit-making business
Around one month ago the movie Veteran hit movie theaters in Korea. In the movie, there is one scene we have to take a closer look at. The s...
이대명 기자  2015-10-23
[Society] [Vol. 73] Out of the classroom, into the fight
“I can’t fall asleep because I am going back to the past in a dream. In there, the face of the people who were killed occurred to me and LRA...
이대명 기자  2015-09-11
[Society] [Vol. 73] Forgotten Wars
War definitely is the worst form of conflict between groups with armed forces. Especially to the Korean people, war has a peculiar meaning. ...
김준환 기자  2015-05-08
[Society] [Vol.73] Strange Stories in Campus
“Do you want to kiss me?” “Are you sleeping now?” “Why don’t you be my girlfriend?...” - “If you receive any messages with those sentences, ...
전종희 기자  2015-05-08
[Society] [Vol. 71] 50 days in Gaza, to be a true winner in the WAR
"I can't stop crying. I might die tonight." A girl named Farah Baker cried out on Twitter and had created a great sensation all over the...
전종희 기자  2014-10-24
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