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[Briefing] [Vol. 74] Dormitory has changed the policy
From the beginning of second semester, (September 7th~ December 12th, 2015), KNUE’s Residential Education Center (KNUE REC below) has made a...
서한주 기자  2015-12-09
[Briefing] [Vol. 74] The 5th National School Arts Education Festival held in KNUE
The 5th National School Arts Education Festival was held in KNUE from September 8th to 10th, and was supervised by the Education Ministry an...
김지수 기자  2015-10-22
[Briefing] [Vol. 74] Cheongram Athletics
With a lot of expectation and support from KNUE students, ‘Cheongram Atheletics’ started from September 2nd and ended October 7th on the cam...
이대명 기자  2015-10-22
[Briefing] [Vol. 73] What’s Up, KNUE?
The campaign of hanging ribbon Last year, on April 16th, there was a tragic and sorrowful Sewol ferry accident. To commemorate this tragedy,...
이대명 기자  2015-09-11
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