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[Focus] [Vol. 77] Smoking on Campus: No Designated Smoking Areas in KNUE?
Recently, the government has introduced various anti-smoking policies, such as raising the retail price of cigarettes and introducing warnin...
김도훈 기자  2017-05-31
[Focus] [Vol. 77] How Are You Doing, KNUE International Students?
There are 64 international students at KNUE, made up of 62 Chinese students and two Japanese students. You have probably met some of the int...
박선주 기자  2017-05-31
[Focus] [Vol. 77] The Saekdong Festival: How We Celebrate Children's Day
While most enjoy their sweet holiday, for undergraduates who major in primary education, May 5th is the busiest day of the year. This is bec...
엄해인 기자  2017-05-31
[Focus] [Vol. 77] Do Not PARK Here: Why and How He Got Rejected from KNUE
On March 17, the Korean Ministry of Education announced its new personnel appointment, and as a result, Mr. Park Sung-min was appointed as D...
김주현 기자  2017-05-31
[Focus] [Vol. 76] Endangered storks are in danger
KNUE Stork Ecology Research Center announced on October 5th, that from now on, they will not release storks to the wild due to the death of ...
김진산 기자  2016-11-30
[Focus] [Vol. 76] “Be our guest” in English Night!
Have you heard of English Night, also known as EN? It is an annual event held by the Department of English Education during every fall semes...
김유진 기자  2016-11-30
[Focus] [Vol. 76] Still long way to go, GTU programs in KNUE
Did you know that you are attending Global Teachers’ University(GTU)? In 2012, the Ministry of Education and National Research Foundation of...
김주현 기자  2016-11-30
[Focus] [Vol. 76] 2016 Cheongju World Martial Arts Masterships left regrets
Under the slogan “Martial Arts for One World, One World for Martial Arts,” 2016 Cheongju World Martial Arts Masterships, hereinafter referre...
황동욱 기자  2016-11-30
[Focus] [Vol. 75] When you feel lonely
Eun-ji: Doctor, I feel sad and lonely in these times. While my friends look so happy and lucky, everything bad happens to me. I feel this al...
최은지 기자  2016-06-22
[Focus] [Vol. 75] Major Revision of Residential Education Curriculum
The curriculum of KNUE’s Residential Education Center (REC, below) was revised by the first semester of 2016. Basically, students should par...
박선주 기자  2016-06-22
[Focus] [Vol. 75] We are Chinese Education Department
Department of Chinese Education was newly established in 2015 in order to reflect the increasing importance of Chinese as a global language....
서한주 기자  2016-06-22
[Focus] [Vol. 75] Rookie club of KNUE, PLAY
Did you enjoy KNUE's festival, Daedongje, in May? If so, you might have watched the performances of a lot of school clubs singing songs,...
김주현 기자  2016-06-22
[Focus] [Vol. 74] Special practicum only for us
KNUE students must somehow, someday complete two terms of teaching practicum. For the first time in INDIGO, we have covered student-teaching...
박진수 기자  2015-12-10
[Focus] [Vol. 74] Birds living in KNUE
Have you heard of "Coo→Coo→Coo↗Coo↗" or "Gwong!!" while you take a walk KNUE campus? In my case, last summer I woke up at morning ...
최은지 기자  2015-12-09
[Focus] [Vol. 73] KNUE Residential Education Center is not an open door
In the previous article of KNUE Focus, Indigo wrote a letter as a body to assist the freshmen and sophomores regarding tips to successfully ...
박기윤 기자  2015-09-11
[Focus] [Vol. 73] Now and Future of Student Council
(from right the student president, the vice student president) Last semester, a student president and a vice president were elected. And new...
박주은 기자  2015-09-11
[Focus] [Vol. 73] A Letter From the Direction Committee
What was the first thing that you did in KNUE? Listening to lectures or meeting your colleagues? Of course not! The first thing you did was ...
박기윤 기자  2015-05-08
[Focus] [Vol. 72] Interview with two of our graduates
publication: 2014. 11. 27.Korean National University of Education, which was founded in March 1984 and opened in March 1985, is facing the 3...
김지수 기자  2014-11-27
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