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[Society] [Vol. 79] Blue House National Petition Becoming Hot Potato [새창] 윤제민 기자 2018-06-11
[Society] [Vol. 79] Hashtag Activism: What Can Make World Change with a Word [새창] 이시연 기자 2018-06-11
[Society] [Vol. 79] What Is Your Season? - Personal Color Consulting [새창] 김유진 기자 2018-06-11
[Society] [Vol. 78] Thousands of Eyes Staring at Me: Sexual Crimes Occurred by Spy Camera [새창] 김유진 기자 2017-11-29
[Society] [Vol. 78] Necessary Not to Treat Pets as an Accessory [새창] 김보임 기자 2017-11-29
[Society] [Vol. 77] What Is Your Real Age?: Controversy over Korean Age Systems [새창] 황동욱 기자 2017-05-31
[Society] [Vol. 77] #Hanbok_fever [새창] 김유진 기자 2017-05-31
[Society] [Vol. 76] Honnol: Keep calm and hang out by yourself! [새창] 박선주 기자 2016-11-30
[Society] [Vol. 76] Earthquake from Gyeongju and “safety frigidity” [새창] 이지원 기자 2016-11-30
[Society] [Vol. 75] Product Placement: A Poisonous Penny for Liberty? [새창] 김지수 기자 2016-06-22
[Society] [Vol. 75] BIFF, Be Independent For Freedom! [새창] 황경림 기자 2016-06-22
[Society] [Vol. 74] Enlightened Generation [새창] 이대명 기자 2015-12-10
[Society] [Vol. 74] Korean Black Friday was just gray [새창] 박주은 기자 2015-12-10
[Society] [Vol. 74] Ripley Syndrome [새창] 박주은 기자 2015-10-23
[Society] [Vol. 74] Change of thinking might change society [새창] 이대명 기자 2015-10-23
[Society] [Vol. 74] They are not only profit-making business [새창] 이대명 기자 2015-10-23
[Society] [Vol. 73] Out of the classroom, into the fight [새창] 이대명 기자 2015-09-11
[Society] [Vol. 73] Forgotten Wars [새창] 김준환 기자 2015-05-08
[Society] [Vol.73] Strange Stories in Campus [새창] 전종희 기자 2015-05-08
[Society] [Vol. 71] 50 days in Gaza, to be a true winner in the WAR [새창] 전종희 기자 2014-10-24
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